Name: Goon


A certain rabbit picked on one too many field mice and was transformed into The Goon. Now, he seeks to become a rabbit again. Due to his curse, he is unable to say his real name and can only introduce himself as Goon. Along with being unable to say his real name another aspect of his curse are his clownish spots. Goon’s spots change frequently save the few on his face. The swirls on his arms and legs also tend twirl in other directions at random. Each reformation of spots more clownish than the last, Goon is not a fan of his shifting (and not to mention useless) camouflage.

Name: Mun


Mun is the only munchkin cat amongst her coalition. Tired of being the smallest of kitties Mun has set out to get a long, beautiful tail and tall legs. Mun is a happy kitty despite not being able to jump as high or run as long as the other cats in her coalition. She’s determined to get her wish at the end of her quest.